Why Choose JY Collision Center?

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There are a number of reasons why JY Collision Centers in Fall Creek, WI, and Chippewa Falls, WI have all the service you’ll need for your vehicle. In order to show how dedicated we are to our clients, we’ve highlighted what makes our auto body repair shop an excellent selection. If you’re curious about what our team has to offer, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by calling (715) 530-3653 or contacting us online.

We’re Committed to Your Total Satisfaction

From custom car paint to full auto body repair, JY Collision Center has all your worries taken care of. We’ll complete your repairs as efficiently as possible, allowing you to leave our dealership 100% satisfied.

Fully Certified Technicians

At JY Collision Centers in Fall Creek, WI, and Chippewa Falls, WI, our fully certified technicians have all the tools and experience necessary to complete your auto body repair without a second thought. Our entire team has the knowledge to successfully complete your auto restoration or collision repair. Don’t just take it from us! Our testimonials speak for themselves when it comes to our high quality services.

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Towing & Recovery Services

Are you in need of an emergency tow or recovery? JY Collision Center has your back in the stickiest of situations. We’re here to help 24/7, so no matter day or night, we can send someone out to assist you. If the repair can be taken care of on sight, our experienced team will complete the job. The job may need to be finished at our collision center, so we will tow you back to our location and quickly wrap up your repair.

JY Collision Center Towing service

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Have confidence knowing that when you drive into JY Collision Center, we own state-of-the-art equipment that ensures your repair leaves your vehicle in pristine condition. 

Our Services

We offer a multitude of services we’ve highlighted below. Determine how the JY Collision Center team can help you get back on the road!

Auto Body Repair & Restoration

Minor dents and dings aren’t an issue to the team at JY Collision Center. Restoring your vehicle back to immaculate condition is what our team does best. With impressive equipment and skilled technicians, you won’t be disappointed by the auto body repair completed at our collision centers in Fall Creek, WI and Chippewa Falls, WI.

Collision Repair

Have you been in an accident that’s left your car in less than perfect condition? At JY Collision Center, our team guarantees you’ll be happy with the repair. With equipment and team members that get the job done right, your vehicle will look better than when you drove it onto our lot.

Custom Paintwork

If you’re interested in having a custom paint job, look no further than the JY Collision Center team! Help us understand your paint vision and we’ll help bring it to life. Even if you just need a scratch or chip in your paint fixed, our team can easily complete the job and leave you with pristine paintwork.

Auto Glass Repair

Chips or cracks in glass are no problem for the JY Collision Center team. Whether your front or rear windshield is affected, our team has the skill to either fill or replace the glass. Our team will analyze the damage and determine whether you need a full replacement or a simple fill-in.

Get Your Free Quote

If you want an auto body repair completed by the JY Collision Center team, get your free quote today. We’ll use our expertise to determine an accurate price for your repair. Once you’ve received your quote, give us a call at (715) 530-3653 and schedule an appointment with our collision center in Fall Creek, WI.

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