Tires and Wheels

Tire mounting is the process of putting new tires onto your car’s wheels (Rims), and then putting the wheels onto the axles. While it’s a pretty straightforward process, it’s not a process that can be done by just anyone! After all, your tires make everything happen: stopping, starting, turning, and so on. Even if the rest of your car is in great shape, you cannot have a quality drive without quality wheels.

JY Collision can handle all of your tire and wheel needs. When you invest in a new set of tires or wheels, we’re here to make sure they are mounted perfectly and safely. Any questions? JY is here to help!

To schedule an appointment at our auto repair center, feel free to give us a call in Fall Creek at (715) 530-3653 or in Chippewa Falls at (715) 832-2353 or contact us online.

Woman in fixed car