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At JY Collision Center, we understand that customization is key to a fulfilling daily drive. Our centers in Fall Creek, WI and Chippewa Falls, WI, can install any accessory you require to make your commuter more worthy of the drive. If you have questions or wish to schedule a car accessories installation with our team, reach out to us by calling (715) 530-3653 or contacting us online.

Making Your Vehicle Your Own

Driving a vehicle that feels solely your own is important, and that’s why JY Collision Center wants to work with you to make your daily driver completely yours. We have numerous auto accessories that will elevate the style of every mile. Browse below to discover some of the services we offer.

Step Bars

Climb into your tall vehicle safely and easily when you install a step bar. Utilizing a step bar also protects your vehicle from lower body damage.


If you’re interested in a different style of bumper, JY Collision Center can help you out. Bumpers protect your vehicle from damage, but sometimes you’re on the hunt for a certain style. Our team will cater to your vision and install the perfect bumpers for your hectic lifestyle.

Accessory installation - bumper

Protecting Your Vehicle

Keep your vehicle safe from the turmoils of the road when you work with JY Collision Center. You can add accessories built to fully protect your vehicle from unnecessary damage. You can browse the following categories to determine if you’re interested in installing any of these safety precautions.

Rock Sliders

If you’re engaging in off-road adventures, rock sliders are the perfect accessory addition for your lifestyle. This accessory is attached to the vehicle’s chassis and will protect the door sills and door bottoms from damage so you can enjoy the adrenaline rush on the trail.


Do you need some extra protection on the road, but aren’t looking for a full armored car experience? JY Collision Center can armor your car with specialized glass, panels, and tires to ensure that your vehicle stays on the road in the direst of situations.

Making Your Drive Easier

If you’re in the market to ease your tiresome commute, then JY Collision Center has you covered. From wheels to wenches, our team can install the perfect accessories for your every day drive. The following categories highlight key services we offer for accessorizing.


The JY Collision Center team makes customizing your wheels simple. If you have a certain size and style in mind, our team can install them without a problem.


From off-road to the track, JY Collision Center will install your vehicle with the specific tires you desire. You can be sure that our team will set you up with the right tires without a hitch.


If you’re in need of impressive hauling or lifting capabilities, let JY Collision Center install a winch to your pickup truck. A cable or rope is powered by a motor in order to ease the stress of towing jobs.

Raising Your Vehicle

Rise up to the challenge of the road when you allow JY Collision Center to install a lift or leveling kit to your vehicle. Browse below to determine if either of the kits is an ideal installation for you.

Lift Kits

Are you looking to raise the ride height on your vehicle? The team at JY Collision Center can easily lift your vehicle to the level you feel is right.

Leveling Kits

You can raise your vehicle’s front to match the stock height in the back when you visit the certified technicians at JY Collision Center. We have the hardware to ensure the job is completed flawlessly.

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