Bumper Repair & Replacement

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Have you been in a recent collision and are in need of bumper repair or replacement? Let JY Collision Center give you a hand. Our certified team can handle any bumper repair necessary. To schedule an appointment at our auto body repair center, feel free to give us a call at (715) 530-3653 or contact us online.

Bumper Repair Types

Whether you need your bumper replaced or repaired, the team at JY Collision Center has your back. Our services cover everything you need to have your model back in functioning order. Browse below to see which repair fits your needs best.

Bumper Repainting

Bumper repainting requires the removal of old paint for a smooth reapplication. Amateur painters can damage the bumper further, but the team at JY Collision Center know exactly what they’re doing. With the correct training and procedures, your car will have a pristine bumper once again.

Bumper Dent Removal

No matter the material your bumper is made of, the team at JY Collision Center can ensure you have a smooth bumper once again. Our trained staff can repair any dent, in any automotive material, no matter how long ago it occurred.

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Bumper Replacement

If your bumper is completely unsalvageable, let JY Collision Center take care of your bumper replacement. We’ll find the correct bumper match for your make and model and install it in a timely fashion. Your car will look like a collision never happened after our team is finished.

Our Process

The process at JY Collision Center is simple! Receive a free quote from our team at one of our two locations:  Chippewa Falls and Fall Creek, WI, then get in touch with your insurance provider. Once the cost is confirmed, schedule an appointment and bring your model in for repair. It’s easy and hassle-free to get your bumper repainted or repaired.

Schedule Your Free Quote Today!

Are you ready to start your bumper repair process? Reach out to the JY Collision Center team by calling (715) 530-3653 or contacting us online and we’ll get your free quote. You’ll be driving again with a repaired bumper and without any worries in no time thanks to our capable team.

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